A revolutionary tool
A fraction of the cost of conventional sockets

A game changer for the entire impact socket market.

Introducing the Lanj Socket Insert, a Patented innovative new Socket Insert tool that enables an impact socket to fit onto a number of different sizes, SAE or Metric. For example, your 4″ impact socket can now be easily transformed into a 3-7/16″ impact socket by using our Lanj inserts.  Lanj Socket Inserts were invented to meet the demand of field mechanics for lighter and less costly impact socket tools. With a few impact sockets as ‘host drivers’, and a variety of Lanj Socket Inserts, also known as ‘hex reducer sleeves’, mechanics now have a lighter and versatile tool set option that can complement heavier and more expensive conventional impact socket sets and hydraulic torque cassettes for most situations.  Tough, durable, efficient, field tested and proven, Socket Inserts by Lanj are 100% Made In The USA from solid round bar stock on state-of-the-art CNC machinery….NOT cast!

2″ id’s through 5-1/2″ ids IN STOCK…..These inserts fit into any 3″, 4″, 5″ and 6″ impact sockets. Free shipping in the continental USA.  Contact me about what we have in stock.          Jim@Lanjtools.com  


USA  Utility Patents:  8752455;   9511483;    Issued 12-06-2016

Canada Utility Patent:  2,699,188   (issued Sept. 18, 2018 )

USA, EU and Canada ‘Design Patents’  listed under “About or Virtual Patent Marking”

100%   Made  In  The  USA  with  100%  USA  Materials!

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