• Lanj Inserts are a fraction of the cost of conventional impact sockets
  • Extreme weight savings as compared to conventional impact sockets
  • Insert may be SAE on one side, Metric dimension on the other side
  • Compact storage size, less bulk, less space needed to store
  • Durable, made of tool steels, heat treated for strength, black oxide finish
  • SAE and Metric socket insert can be used in same impact driver socket host
  • Lanj Socket Inserts fit 12 point sockets; high versatility
  • Socket insert virtually unaffected by drive size change; 1″, 1-1/2″, 2-1/2″, etc.
  • Socket insert works very well in “deep” impact sockets, large $$$ savings
  • Same socket insert can fit spline drive or square drive impact sockets
  • Insert extends life of costly “host” sockets: acts as buffer to extreme use
  • Lanj Inserts fit older as well as newer style impact socket configurations
  • Socket inserts work very well with combination end wrenches, and with expensive hydraulic torque wrench cassettes
  • 100%  MADE  IN  THE  USA  with  100%  USA  MATERIALS!


Lanj Socket Inserts are made of tough domestic produced alloys, heat treated for strength and durability.  Field tested with outstanding results, Lanj Inserts fit all brands of sockets, impact and non-impact.  Lanj hex sleeve inserts are interchangeable with 6 and 12 point sockets also.

Inserts are also sold in kit form, SAE and Metric sizes.  A combination of SAE/Metric dimensions are available on the same insert, unique only to Lanj Socket Inserts.

  • 3″ od inserts are sold with a minimum of eight (8) inserts within nominal od” range.  The kit for a 4″ impact socket will have a minimum of ten inserts to fit into the 4″ impact socket.


Time to think outside the box…..that heavy toolbox…..Go Lanj!