Lanj Socket Inserts are made of tough alloys, heat treated for strength and durability. Lanj Inserts can fit all brands of sockets, impact or non-impact. Lanj hex inserts will fit 6 and 12 point sockets.

Inserts are also sold in kit  form, SAE or Metric sizes, or combination of SAE/Metric dimensions are available on the same insert.  Inch dimension format on the “outside” (od) and Metric on the “inside” (id) or vice versa.  Kits are sold with a minimum of eight (8) inserts within nominal range. That is, the kit with inserts to fit into a 3″ impact socket for example will have a minimum of eight pieces, etc. 4″ od insert kits come with 10 different id”. Contact us for current available inventory.

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